I can't open this Sketchup file, Please Help as quickly as possible

Please if someone can open it, to confirm here and send it in the 2020 version by we transfer to this email: (removed)
this link the file

The end of the file is filled with zeros, it isn’t possible to recover the file.

There is no SketchUp for Schools 2020. Are you using a cracked version of SketchUp 2020? Where were you saving the file as you were working on it?

The file is in version 2023, but on a PC at home it is with sketchup 2020, I have not updated it.

I was working on a draft of a project and suddenly there was a power outage and when I opened it again I couldn’t open it.
you know it any cause?

We’ve seen cases where sudden power outages have resulted in corrupted files. Do you have the .skb file? Maybe it can be opened.

the link file is in skb

Where do you see the file with zeros? How do you come to that conclusion?

We view the file in a hex editor. The end of your file looks like this:

Thanks for the explanation,
Is there a way to recover something from the project?

There is a more extreme thing that I can do, that doesn’t recover anything in the scene. But, it does recover components and materials. If you try this model and look in the Components tray, may find components that will save you some time.