I can't get SketchUp to draw on a flat plane

I am tracing an AUTOCAD file and the building is very complex- great way to start with sketchup! I am just trying to draw some walls with the rectangle toolin top view but the lines are jumping around to different planes I cant figure out why, I moved my drawing to align with the axis but it keeps happening

Your various posts suggest that you need to spend some time learning the basics.
Spend some time with tutorials and simple models before you attempt to create the world.


In school, I remember being confused by AutoCAD for exactly the opposite reason. I learned in SketchUp, so I had some trouble understanding why AutoCAD kept doing everything in 2D.

In SketchUp, going to a standard ortho view will not constrain your geometry to a 2D plane. Sketchup is always working in 3D space (no matter what view you are in). It can be confusing at first, but once you understand the inferencing system it will all start to make sense.

This video would be a good place to start:SketchUp Training Series: Inferencing

There is a ton of information out there. Like @Box said “spend some time with the tutorials”.

Hope that helps. Good luck.

To keep things planar, I often start by drawing a big rectangle and use it as a “tracing paper”. If I do not want subsequent geometry to cut into it I group it. Pressing and keeping down Shift when the “on face” tooltip appears will lock things I draw on the plane.


Thank you for the help!