I cant get any support

Does anyone recommend another software that provides tech support ??? My import for PRO did not work and i am stuck without any support and cant even cancel.

Could you give us some additional information so we can try to help? What do you mean your “import for PRO did not work”? Your profile indicates you are using SketchUp Free (web). Is that not correct?

The support for SketchUp Free is these forums. If you had SketchUp Shop you would have access to email support. If you had SketchUp Classic, Pro, or Studio, you would also be given a phone number for support.

If your needs are on the lines of how to do something, it’s best to ask in the forum anyway. You get many more people looking at the question.

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I started with FREE—I purchased PRO—I can’t get anywhere w/o a license # or serial----but I follow the instructions for obtaining those numbers, but it will not recognize that I purchased the PRO----my computer has me stuck in FREE----another person on your end; maybe you—saw that I was working in FREE----it’s supposed to be PRO!—my CC shows that I’ve been charged for the PRO $300±–

I’ve tried a hard reboot; removing software, etc.—still nothing.

So you purchased a Subscription license for SketchUp Pro. There is no serial number or license key sent for the Subscription license. You simply go to the Subscription tab under License in the Welcome screen when you start up SU2019 and sign in with the e-mail address and password that you used when you purcahsed the subscription.

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We get today off as a Federal Holiday, but I went ahead and replied to your support email.

One possibility is that you may have thought that going back to the web Free version after buying Pro that the web one would be like the tutorials you have seen. You do need to install the desktop application, to then see what most tutorials look like.

As I mentioned in my reply, you would get the installer from this page:


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