I can't connect to Trimble Connect in my Ipad

Hi, I just had Sketchup Go, but I am facing the ff issues:

  1. From my Ipad, I can’t open Trimble connect.
  2. From my Ipad, - Work is saved in the ipad folder, and I am trying to do - Publish to Connect. But I can’t do so.

Internet is fast
Restarted the Sketchup in Ipad
Restarted the Ipad itself

But still having the same issue. Please assist. Thank you

Had same problem here today. Message was ‘internet connection appears to be offline’. All other apps worked fine over internet so issue was with Sketchup Pro on iPad.

Tried app restart. Then tried cold start of iPad. No solution.

Fix was to log out from Sketchup in spite of it showing I was logged in OK. Then I logged into my account again. That appears to have worked.

Hope that helps with your issue.


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