I can't alter the width of Tag Names in Tag window


a very annoying bug I suppose, but suddenly, I can not control the Tag Name Width anymore in the Tag Window, has anyone countered the same problem?


Yes, see here for other reports, and some possible work arounds:

We do have a bug report logged about the issue.

Lots of info on this unpredictable known bug. No software update so far, but several known temp fixes.


I did an update to macOs Montery and SU21.1.331 and the problem is solved

As the issue can come and go, something else may have changed while you did those updates. For me, right now I see the problem if I open SketchUp 2021.1.2 and start a new document from the welcome screen templates. Closing the welcome screen and doing File/New, gives me a document with a Name column that works. I’m on Monterey as well.

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