I can’t figure out how to resize anything to a specific dimensions

I am using an ipad pro and sketchup web.

After trying to use just the ipad and an ipencil i was told that i needed a keyboard and a mouse (so i got one) . After another 30 mins playing with it and googling nonstop i just can’t figure out the most basic function of changing a dimension to a specific number. In the photo for example I can’t just make this a 24”x24”x24” cube. And according to searches i am not the only one. Can someone please give me a simple answer? I am very close to moving on to another program

Use the scale tool, pull a corner, let go of the mouse and type 24",24",24" and hit enter. Or 2’,2’,2’

That doesn’t work on the web version

Does for me. Make sure you use the Unit and the correct separator, either a , or ; depending on your regional setting.

GIF 19-11-2023 12-44-14 PM

Actually, @DaveR has just pointed out that it isn’t correctly resizing, must be a bug in the web version.
But why not make the cube the right size to start with.

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Glad to hear that i am not crazy on the functionality. Resizing is the single most important thing to the projects that i build so i need to be able to copy and resize dimensions on demand

What sort of things are you modeling in your hobby that require this kind of resizing?

Custom Woodworking and epoxy projects

There are other options for resizing objects in SketchUp that would be more appropriate than using the Scale tool, especially for woodworking related models. As this is something you’re doing for your own enjoyment and not as work, make it easy on yourself. Move and Push/Pull are usually the better choices for resizing the components in woodworking types of projects.

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I would suggest drawing the cube with the correct dimensions from start using these steps:

1 - Choose the rectangle tool.

2 - Start drawing a rectangle then let go of the mouse and type 2’;2’ or 2’,2’ depending on your regional settings. Press the Return key or the Enter key to complete the dimensioning.

3 - Choose the Push/Pull tool the pull up 2’.

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With the Scale tool, it might also be easier to scale the object separately for each axis direction, using the middle grips, and typing the desired length, including the unit. It takes some seconds longer, but you don’t have to worry about separator characters.