Hyperlink capability

I am a little surprised this capability was not in LO,

particularly as we are increasingly working with cloud information

I would love to attach URL properties to objects in LAYOUT

I am increasingly using Google Drive to share collaborative

spreadsheets / documents / photo albums etc with the project team all

with the benefits that brings [single data source, OS independence, shared editing] etc

and to able to do that in LO would be a great productivity boost.

Surprisingly, although I hate to admit it, POWERPOINT 2016 has become

almost my proxy graphics presentation software for projects…

and has many capabilities that would be useful in LO.

one of them being [Hyperlinks] and often I find to quicker and more flexible

to create a design submission in PP than in LO.

Anyone else missing HYPERLINK CAPABILITY ?

PS: Hell ! the latest PP can even display 3D Models

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