Huge Section Symbols

Why are my section symbols displaying so huge and how do I change the setting? For reference, the building is 200’ long.

Please fill out your profile, the versions for Windows and Mac OS are different.


What about the height of what is sectioned?
The size of what is included in the cut environment determines the size of the symbols, whether length or width or both.

You may have some unwanted / unnoticed geometry above what you work in.

It’s a two story building about 20’ +/-, I’ve looked for odd geometry, but didn’t find any. I’ll search again, there may be something hidden or invisible. Thanks.

There was something hiding 1000’s of feet away from my model. I don’t know what it was because I couldn’t find anything. I did a zoom extents and did a selection box outside of my model area, something was picked, but still don’t know what it was, deleted it and then things were back to normal. Gremlins I guess.

Entity Info would have reported what it was before you deleted it !
Chances are it was some ‘rogue-text’…
If you have a text-label ‘attached’ to some geometry and you delete that geometry, then sometimes the text-label loses its anchor and zooms off in to space.

There are some other threads covering even more severe cases… I wrote a short piece of Ruby code to attempt to find these rogue-texts and move them back to the ORIGIN, etc…

Thanks for the info., I didn’t think to look at the entity info before I deleted it.