3D Warehouse symbol sizing

Please can someone help me when i draw a plan and then want to put 2D objects from the 3D warehouse into my plan they are larger than my room. How do i get both to be in the correct sizing.

First thing to do is make sure drew your “plan” to real world dimensions. Check it with the Tape Measure tool.

Hmmm fun thing with the 3d warehouse, you get models as they were modelled.

Yesterday, in class, I took a random couch to show how it worked, and it was 200% size. just that one. because it had been uploaded at 200% size by the user.

If the symbols are too big or too small, and your file is correctly scaled, chances are they were shared incorrectly scaled.

You can adjust them using the scale tool (below the protractor and the tape measure)


Btw, in your profile, when you say you don’t know your operating system, all we need to know is mac or pc, and what version. windows 11 ? mac os ventura ? The interface may vary a bit between one or the other, and without knowing, it’s arder for us to help. it often leads to quiproquos.