HTML-dialog speed

In SU2017 I noticed a slightly delay in the rendering of the new html-dialog. I made a small video showing the difference between v16 and v17. Incidentally its even more slow - taking a second or more.

The tool is a html-dialog version of ThomThom’s namegroup. The tool’s focus at start is on
the textbar so you can start typing directly after using the shortcut key - but not anymore in v17…

I hope someone has a suggestion…

Where can this plugin be downloaded?

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its my own inhouse tool - could strip it of some stuff and can mail it if needed

I doubt such a simple needs optimizing and the slowness is just the nature of the HtmlDialog.

Are you using an JavaScript Libraries like jQuery?

edit: I hope its my crappy code and not the nature of html dialogs. That would be too bad. Up til now, I would press the shortcut and already started typing a name while looking at the keyboard or something else. In v17, I press the shortcut and have to look at the screen before I can start typing. Seems a small difference but it’s a bit annoying and would be nice if it could be solved. An alternative would be to use the Inputbox again and change the order of the dropdown and textbox so the cursor is active when starting the tool.

I don’t use jQuery. I stripped the code from some excess stuff.

Here’s the zip. Extract in Extension folder. Load by:
load 'mb_namegroup17/mb_namegroup17.rb' (2.4 KB)

try adding autofocus…

<input type ="text" id = "textbox" class ="textbox" autofocus value=""></input>

and if you ever want mac users to test send_url stuff, remember

path = File.join('file://', File.dirname(__FILE__),"mb_namegroup_menu17.html")

is cross platform and works for both…


I just added the autofocus and it seems to catch (almost) all my keyboard input. I will test it extensively tomorrow while working but John… I think you nailed it. Thanks a lot!!:+1:

Edit: also copied your path addition to make it work cross platform. You never know…