Howdy, from central Texas


I spent all last week in California at 3D Bootcamp / Basecamp 2018 and had a blast. It was the perfect opportunity to get reacquainted with some friends I made in 3D Basecamp 2016, make some new friends, and walk among the SketchUp gods (many of whom dwell inside here). I found out quickly that the answers to many of my questions may very well be found here on this forum, so thus I shall begin my journey.

I am an associate partner and production manager in a small civil engineering firm in Temple, Texas. We primarily serve municipal clients along the IH-35 corridor from just south of Dallas to just north of Austin. Two of us in the firm are committed to learning how SketchUp can be integrated into our workflow as we train and become more aware of its capabilities.

As some of you whom I met in Palm Desert can attest, I am full of ideas, questions, and a desire to learn more. I look forward to spending time here researching, bouncing ideas off of you, and picking your brains for nuggets of knowledge.

Let the fun begin!


howdy jerry,

have fun…



Hey Jerry, it was great to reconnect with you and Anthony at Basecamp.
Welcome to the forum that never sleeps.



Back at ya, George. Seemed like I had less time to slow down and visit this conference than in 2016. I was a man on a mission to gain everything I could this trip. I think it paid off and I learned a lot of new things I’m eager to put into use.

See you in the forum.


Thanks, John. I look forward to diving in with both feet. My apologies, but being new here and not familiar with the folks behind the screen names, I wouldn’t know if we met at Basecamp or not. Please remind me if we did.


I’m the one from London with the Moulton tandem…



Well, there ya go…no one told me you were a Sage (although, I should have suspected that).
I’m very glad to have met you and swapped a few lies.