How would I mirror one side of this model?

Hello, I’m not sure if I’m posting this in the right place, but I need help with with this model I’m making.

I already made all the detail (Except textures) for this side, and it would be really hard to make it accurate for the other side as well. Is there any way I can take the side with the detail already done and mirror it to where the other side looks exactly the same? Any help would be appreciated!

Select it all, copy it in the red direction with Move/Copy and then, while the copy is selected, right click on it and choose Flip Along>Red Direction. Finally, bring the copy over to the original with the Move tool.


If you prefer moving pictures, there is this.


Thank you so much for helping me out! It would have taken me quite some time to get it done if I had done it by hand.

BTW it would probably be better if you made one half a component before flipping: then all changes would be mirrored.

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