How to Warp Complex Objects? (NEED ADVICES PLEASE)

Hello Guys! :face_with_spiral_eyes:

I have a surfboard that is being made. I can’t select partially. It is made out of complex surfaces.
I want to warp and stretch the surfboard.

There is a rendering of the form with simple shapes, but I want to substitute it with the surfboard.

I tried the “Truebend Tool” and “Scale Tool”. Truebend tool can bend it, but then I can’t scale the surfboard partially for the form I need. Truebend is a bit hard to use since it only bends from the center.

(***The surface of the surfboard is not flat)

Please anyone know any free tool that would make this happen?

I have provided the file in the first comment

Hi guys,

This is the file of the form with the surfboard that I need to warp into. I can change it to another more simple 3D model of surfboards if that will make the process easier. However, I definitely want the strap in the center. Thank you all.

Surfboard Form Practice.skp (583.0 KB)

Flowify is the only extension that I know of to take a solid shape and bend it to a path like you are asking.

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I recommend checking out ‘Radial Bending’ as part of FredoScale.


Thank you so much! Do you know how can I bend it like this? It started bending the entire model if I bent in a different direction with this tool.

You do it the same way…just make sure to bend ‘-90 degrees’ when going the opposite direction’. It would help for you to check the surfboard length against your vertical and horizontal dimensions so that you know where to bend.

Board.skp (4.6 MB)
See attached as quick example.

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Thank you! I tried to make something like the reference provided here. I cut off and puzzle it, but it doesn’t look good.

I think with so many bends you may be better off modeling it clean from scratch. Is the intent that this is fabricated? If so you wouldn’t actually bend a real surfboard but build a bend shelf to look like a surf board.

You could model it differently, starting with the simple 2D shape you want, which you round the corners, extrude it horizontally, draw the two curved ends of the surfboard, then extrude it to have a thickness, and bevel the edges. For the fin it is simpler, but the idea is the same.

3D model >
srf-02.skp (415.7 KB)

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A real surfboard is usually a sandwich structure with a foam core and fiberglass surfaces. I don’t think it can be bent.