How to use the Curic Studio Suite

I was wondering if there was some comprehensive documentation on how to use the Curic Studio Suite.

I have a lot of questions as I’ve been testing out all the tools. Like how would I handle extruding something that I had to zoom in on using the DIO tools?
An example is some ¼-round trim that needs to be 52 feet long. I draw the shape using the DIO arc and line tools, when I go to pull it out, I’ll have to hit shift to pan across the screen, which obviously cancels the push/pull operation. My workaround is to just measure how far it needs to go and type it in, as long I don’t type the " character, which would also cancel the operation.

I also noticed that inside curic dio, i cant select inside corners, where it goes xray and i can grab em.
From YT video

From my sketchup

I guess you have seen these videos…?

As far as I know there is no “comprehensive” documentation - I have learnt how to use these plugins by watching over and over until I understand how they work ( and a little bit of working out myself! )

Curic OI

Curic DIO

Curic Extend

Curic Stretch

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Yes sir. I have literally seen them all. But sadly TutorialsUp hasn’t done a video yet on Curic Section, but he did put out a video recently showing off the 50% sale!

Anyhow, as far as I could tell, these videos did not address the issues I have addressed here.

This screenshot is actually from the DIO video you posted. I was following along trying all the moves as you have, and realized I couldn’t see the x-rayed inside corners.

Shifting to Pan shouldn’t cancel the Push/Pull operation. If you are using the center mouse button, letting go of the button will return you to Push/Pull. If you are choosing Pan from the toolbar or a keyboard shortcut, pressing Esc will return you to Push/Pull. Alternatively, if you know how long the extrusion needs to be, start it and then type the distance. No need to even see the opposite end.

Typing the " should also not cancel Push/Pull. If you are using Architectural, Fractional, or DecimalInch units, you don’t need to type " anyway. That’s understood.

this is nothing to do with the Curic Studio Suite. It’s fundamental Sketchup.


Do you mean that it cancels the Curic trowel tool?

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I’m not referring to the native push/pull tool. I’m referring to the Curic trowel tool (DIO). Hitting shift activates a function I don’t fully understand yet, but I know this, it will cancel the push/pull operation when using Curic’s Trowel.

Thanks for letting me know about not needing to type the inch symbol though! I didn’t know that.

Yes, if I create a face with DIO line, then click once with the trowel, hitting the shift key before finishing the extrusion will cancel it.

“Cancel” isn’t the right word, since when I let go of shift it goes right back to the trowel tool, but then guess what, then I have to start over.

Sounds to me like a deficiency in the tool, then.

I guess I’ve never found a need for it, though, so I guess I shouldn’t comment.

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The trowel tool is just quicker when you have to edit geometry that’s in a bunch of groups. Or maybe I’m slower than the average bear and need help/practice.

Anyhow, I really like it, when it works… I’ve set up key shortcuts for most of the shape tools, such as shift+P for the trowel, Shift+L for DIO Line, Shift+R for the rectangle tool, etc.

There are different ways to do that sort of thing. Do what works for you. I’d use Eneroth Solid tools and components instead of groups to speed things up.

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In the video they must have gone into xray mode - if I understand you, I don’t think the plugin can select hidden vertices/edges unless you go into xray…?

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Eneroth Solid tools, I’ll look Into that.
DIO has the option to create components automatically when creating geometry, I’ll mess around with both in conjunction at some point Lord willing.

Would be interesting to see what you are modeling.

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I’ve got x-ray on Shift+X so it doesn’t matter, but I couldn’t replicate the part of the DIO video where he creates a square in the corner to erase the corner. (The screen shot above)

I don’t pan with DIO tools activated - I use the middle mouse button to zoom and orbit my way around the model while the tools are active.

I can think of when I’ve needed to pan while having a DIO tool active.

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I’m on a drive from Michigan to Oklahoma right now after just finishing a residential project, Lord willing I will upload something tonight or more likely tomorrow. These questions don’t necessarily apply to any specific project.

About the Michigan project, my first house, and my first completed job using SketchUp:

So they go into xray to select the hidden vertex.

Activate the DIO rectangle tool and click the vertex, move the trowel up and BEFORE the final click they press TAB to activate Reverse Solid Tool - check out the additional info in the SU status bar for how to modify the tool actions…

The video playback is too quick - you could have a slower playback speed to catch what they do.

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Aha, I didn’t know there was a hot key for the reverse solid thing, and I didn’t use the reverse solid setting.

But I couldn’t even get that far in the process to being able to extrude the rectangle through the wall because when I make the rectangle the exposed part that is inset from the wall is all that got pushed, not the part of the rectangle that the wall is sitting on.

And shift is a modifier for when the trowel tool is active…

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