How to use SU2STL


Just installed the SU2STL plugin in SU2015. The installer says it installed okay. If I look in the extension manager it can be seen as installed. Problem is how to use it. There is no export extension for STL and thre is nothing under the tool menu to export stl files.

How is this used to import/export STL files?


I would recommend using the Sketchup STL extension installed from the Extensions Warehouse. Once installed, the exporter appears in the File menu.


Are you referring to this extension? or is “SU2STL” a different one?


okay, I installed the one you pointed to and it’s working fine.

Thanks… On to 3d printing!


Whatcha printing? What printer do you have?


I’m making a clock with a picture of Lake Palestine on it for a friend who lives on that lake in Texas. I have a Robo 3d printer and this will be my first print.


Will you post back pictures when you are done? :)


That depends on how it comes out. I have high hopes for my first 3D print but alas it is the first print.


Okay, here it is. I downloaded the clock face from the web and then used Sketchup 2015 to create the lake from a picture. Added a clock mechanism and some paint and voila. My very first 3D print item. Should be cute in their boathouse.