How to use materials/objects from a real store?

I just finished the Sketch Fundamentals course and I was looking at courses about using materials/objects from real stores and import those and use those in my model I made.

To be honest I can’t find much about it, any tip maybe?

(another Q, I think I read that Sketchup Pro has telephone support? is this true, if so which is the number?)

You can download images from manufacturer’s websites an import those in to use as materials. The method I prefer is to draw a rectangle that matches the dimensions of the texture and then when importing the material, apply it directly to the face. That will get the size right without any problem.

Keep in mind that not all material images are going to be useful as textures in SketchUp at least not without some editing in an image editor. You’ll have to figure that out based on the type of images you find and the types of materials.

And what about objects, like a jacuzzi which I maybe want to buy but first want to see in my bathroom in ketchup? Is this also possible?

You have two options: You can check the manufacturer’s website to see if they publish models of their products either as SketchUp files or more likely as .dwg or .dxf. You can import those into your SketchUp model. Or, you can search the Trimble 3D Warehouse and see what is available there. Some manufacturers as well as private individuals post models of such things there.

In either case, be aware that these models are often built for maximum accuracy as a stand-alone object. They may be way over-detailed for practical use in a SketchUp model. For example, I recall one kitchen sink that had almost 100000 edges just in the drain strainer! Similarly, many appliance models contain interior structures that won’t be visible and are therefore irrelevant to your needs. Always load/import such models into a separate blank file first and examine them to make sure they suit your needs without excessive detail.

As Steve says, you might find the manufacturer has a CAD file in some form or other that you can import. Or maybe they have a collection in the Warehouse. Failing that, you can often find 2D drawings that you can use as a reference to model your own.

For example, a quick search for jacuzzi tubs turned up this PDF with dimensioned line drawings. There enough information there to allow you to create a respectable model of it.

So I just finished my playground house as in the first course of Sketchup Fundamentals. Now I would like to make it a real looking image with materials from the store I will buy those.

I clicked on File on my Mac in top menu, and then I clicked on 3Dwarehouse , it then gives me two options, first one is greyed out named Share Component, and the second is named Share Model.

So Im sort of stuck what to do as it looks like none of them could help me.

Isn’t there a course on ketchup site about all of this? I would think there was one but can’t find it, if you ask me it seems like an important subject to make a course about it.

You guys are of great help btw but a course might be better before I start asking every question that comes to mind.

To get components from the 3D Warehouse, go to the Window menu and open the 3D Warehouse panel there.

Sorry, I think I’ve been in lockdown too long.