How to use inch fractions in dynamic components

Dynamic components (DC) are useful but limited by the requirement to enter data in decimal units (regardless of how dynamic components is setup to format the entry or display of the data). My units are typically set to 1/32" and converting to decimal is tedious and error prone. Assuming that the entry was entered correctly in decimal units, other components that result from calculations are difficult to read because they may be some irrational fraction (not a multiple of 1/32"). It would seem that since DCs have been out for some time this would have been rectified by providing all the formatting for number entry/display eg “model units” OR providing a Sketchup embedded function to be used to convert entry/display. Is there a process to allow fractional entry/display of data in DC? Is this a planned capability?

I am a metric person but I always set the options for the attribute display to “End user model units”- that should include fractional.


I believe that you have to use full notation: 0’ 2 1/2 " or 1’ 6 3/4" etc

just checked… works ie 0’ 1/2" = 0.5

Appreciate the reply from both of you. Unfortunately, you lose the fractional format once it is entered. The other problem is in some complex assemblies, I need to show a number of internal computations. All inputs/outputs are in decimal, no matter what is selected for number formatting. Apparently, DC updates are not high priority.

All can be drawn in Sketchup to achieve the same result, but, it is an iterative process and easily done in DC if it weren’t for the decimal units problem. Ah well, back to Excel for making the component sizing computations and copying the results into Skekchup for top assembly fit and check.

As an idea, you could convert the input to a the closest to 1/32, then work with that and output a text answer,

fraction.skp (22.5 KB)
The attached takes the value to the next highest 1/32 then two other value of significance to highest 1/64, 1/128 before stepping to the next 1/32

You could use such a method to work to the accuracy you require and create fractional results

Internally dynamic components use either decimal inches or centimeters. Outwardly the units displayed are determined by the settings for the input fields.

There is a long-standing bug in DCs: if you have unchecked the “Display units format” box in Window menu>Model Info>Units, all the DC distance fields revert to decimal inches. For the “End user model units” to display, you will have to check the box.


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Hi Anssi,

I do appreciate your insights, but as far as I can view there are no fractional displays in DCs, So I believe text is the only way to display a fraction.


You could split the value over 2 inputs. One for the whole number, the other would be the number of 32nds.

Maybe not optimal, but might work.

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Appreciate the response, but, really need Sketchup to address the problem. Just want some assurance from them that this in the immediate

This is something you not likely to get. As a policy, SketchUp does not disclose information on what features or fixes are being worked on.

Dynamic Components have a lot more potential but further devolpmemt has been neglected.

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