How to use "Faire pivoter" to center a target model location on screen?

Oops, different language. How can we use the middle mouse button, the button to normally orbit (=to faire pivoter) by double clicking to quickly center a specific location of the model on screen, just like one can do in the desktop version of SketchUp?

__Who needs Google Translate? I just opened SketchUp Free without noticing the end of the url: fr _
The english version was nowhere to be found in my search.

_I then opened a second version (replacing fr for en) to now have both languages open. _
So if one wants to “Mettre à jour” ones Free version to the Shop version, it just means you are updating SketchUp free.

ça ne fonctionne pas pour moi non plus. I guess maybe they don’t detect the middle button double click event, because it is in browsers not a separate input event as it is in SketchUp.

But it should be possible to distinguish primary (left) double clicks from middle double clicks:

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Danke vielmals @Aerilius, so unfortunately both versions work “slightly” different at this point.

Old brains are harder to train!