How to update multiple dynamic component attributes from a database or file

Hello all, I’m trying to better understand if it is possible to update multiple dynamic components and multiple of their attributes/ options from a data file? What file type would be able to do so? Are there extensions that help with this?

Example I have 100 boxes each it’s own unique dynamic component. I want to load or pull a data file where box 1 is green, 2 red, 3 blue etc…but also updating the associated information to be displayed for each component. Box 1 = Green and qty in box 1 = 12

Yes I think that there are extensions and doing this does require an extension.

The data file may vary. I know that there are extensions that link Excel with SketchUp.

Pulling data from SketchUp can be done with the Pro desktop editions and the native Generate Report feature.

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Your forum profile shows SketchUp for Web.
The web-based SketchUp editions do not support extensions.

“education” is not a version.

“8gb” is not a graphics card or GPU model.

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