How to unhighlight faces

I have SU Pro. I have a complex 2D drawing with lots of lines. I’d like the lines one colour and the faces another. Is there a plugin that will deselect all faces of this group so I can quickly colour all the lines please?

How do you propose to colour the lines?

actually, there’s a plugin that allows that
but it has not been updated since 2013 so it might not work with 2018 version…

anyway, to answer the question, switch to wireframe, select what you need and make a copy, you’ll get a copy of everything but faces


PS : it needs to be raw geometry, it won’t work with groups nor components.

Thank you - that’s done exactly the trick.

Thomthoms SelectionToys can modify the selection this way.

A gif to demo what @cotty is saying.

Inside the group do a window-select on the wireframe to select all edges and … paint them.
Also after doing so switch to viewing all and invert the selection (from selected edges to selecting the faces) and … paint the (then) selected faces.

p.s. you didn’t mention any nested groups.