How to type in a length for an edge?

This is obviously a noob question that must have a straightforward answer, but I can’t find it.

I want to set the length of my object to a precise decimal, like 92.42mm. I can’t type in the ‘length’ box in entity info because it’s greyed out. How do I enter a length for this edge?

Right now, what I have to do is scale my object, check the edge length (it’s off), try scaling it again, check the edge length (of course, still off), etc… and pray that I get lucky and hit something “close enough” to the exact edge length that I want. This can’t be right.

SU can do that for you , you need to post your model like mentioned in your other post. There are probably many more problems Dave or some one will find and we try to avoid a end less round of questions:slight_smile:

You can use a construction line as a reference e.g.

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