How to start Sketchup with Wine


Ubuntu 12.04 32 bit
Wine 1.4
Windows 7
ScketchupMake-en.exe 32 bit

I am complete novice in Wine and Scketchup.
After I install ScketchupMake found on desktop three icons, LayOut 2015, Style Builder 2015 and
Scketchup 2015.
The two first ones when clicked shows a blue screen and after few seconds disappear.
The Scketchup 2015 opens with blue screen “Scketchup Make 2015(Pro Trial) showing but
clicking anywhere does not start ScketchupMake.
What should I do to start Scketchup?
Thank you


Before someone else mentions it: SketchUp does not officially support Wine, but that doesn’t forbid users to help other users.

You need to use SketchUp 2013. Also there can be some SketchUp-specific rough edges, and it is always the same story. So it would be good if you check out the existing guide. Most of the guide does not apply anymore for up-to-date Wine (1.7), but for older versions. Especially does SketchUp try on first start to use software rendering (after the Welcome dialog the main application window freezes or crashes) while hardware accelerated rendering works fine and much faster.

In case you then still encounter problems or questions, try to describe precisely step by step what you did and what happens in a way that does not leave ambiguity.


This is an older forum thread, but just in case anyone is reading it after June 1, 2015, please consider the article below before trying to use SketchUp Pro 2013. Not to mention that we don’t support SketchUp Pro 2013 any longer.

PLEASE READ IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING GOOGLE REDIRECT FOR SKETCHUP 8 USERS: Understanding the June 1, 2015 changes that affect SketchUp 2013 and SketchUp 8


This post does not reflect the current state anymore.

The Wine bug blocking the ruby 2.0 interpreter (and thus SketchUp versions 2014 and newer) has been fixed on 2014-11-11. Currently SketchUp 2014 and 2015 and potentially any future versions work correctly in Wine, so people reading this thread should try the latest version.


I also find Wine incompatible with SketchUp, especially after the third glass :wink:


It is rather more compatible with ThrowUp, especially after the second bottle.


if an emulation via Wine fails a virtualization by using e.g. free VirtualBox might be a trouble-free alternative.


That gives then the (virtual) halluzinations after the wine :wine_glass:


does anybody has evaluated the commercial ‘CrossOver’ emulation (trial avail.), they are claiming that SU runs (see link above).


I installed SketchUp 16 Pro on wine on Ubuntu 15.04.
However, it gave me a trial version and won’t let me enter my license number.
I’ve clicked on Add License, but nothing happens.