How To Silently Uninstall Sketchup Pro 2020?

Hi All,

I’ve recently installed Sketchup Pro 2021 on multiple computers across our campus, and I’m now trying to silently uninstall Sketchup Pro 2020.

Normally, I find the uninstall string in the registry and then create a batch file with the registry key command (e.g. MsiExec.exe /X{5778f9a3-781e-16f1-a6bf-08fd59dfa77b} /qn) but my installation of Sketchup Pro 2020 seemed to have a registry uninstall string and an uninstall command within 2 separate registry keys (“C:\Program Files (x86)\InstallShield Installation Information\{522800F1-9FCE-44F2-8D2E-2CEC5B25A9C2}\SketchUpPro-2020-2.exe” -remove -runfromtemp)

I’ve tried to input both of these commands into batch files to run, and I’ve tried various switches to try and uninstall Sketchup Pro 2020 silently across our campus, but nothing I’ve tried seems to have worked.

I’ve since found a working ‘silent uninstall’ command, it is as follows…

“C:\Program Files (x86)\InstallShield Installation Information\{522800F1-9FCE-44F2-8D2E-2CEC5B25A9C2}\SketchUpPro-2020-2.exe” -remove -silent

Please note that there should be a \ after the ‘InstallShield Installation Information’ directory in the above commands - for some reason it won’t add this in when I enter it above.

To make a “\” appear in the forum, type TWO backlashes: “\\”! In the forum editor, a single backslash “escapes” the following character causing it to NOT be interpreted - and thus displayed literally…Not sure why your OTHER backslash characters managed to display without this.

For example, to make the backslash appear in THIS post, I actually typed two backslashes. And to make the TWO backslashes appear, I actually type FOUR backslashes!

You can also put ``` on the lines before and after a path to tell the forum software to show it without processing.

\{ (between triple backticks)

{ (typed directly with the backslash \{)

Thanks both!

I’ve updated the above directories now with the backslashes.