How to show the edges in building as attached image file nr.2

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Anyone who knows how to make edges visible as in the attached image nr 2 ? when I tick the edges box in the edge properties panel the diagonal lines on the facades and roofs is also shown, but I only want the outlines of the buildings shown as in image nr 2.


Learn SketchUp basics about edge properties


I have already read that chapter. But I wonder if it is a faster way to erase those diagonal lines. I can go to wireframe mode and by selecting box around all those lines i want to select and then context click and choose hide, but then it select all the lines. I wonder if it is a faster way by choosing a certain style?
Why is the diagonal lines showing is it because they are made in a GIS program?

I’ve shown you the basics so you can learn and understand what you need to look for in extensions that automate your work.
You can use CleanUp to remove some of the edges that are part of coplanar faces, and change the properties of the remaining edges using Soften Edges.


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As @mihai.s has shown you’ll need to deal with those diagonals one way or another. Depending on the file you imported, there might be options to merge coplanar faces during import. If the geometry isn’t coplanar softening or hiding edges will be good options.

Once that is done, some rendering applications can add in the edges although I prefer to make a separate Hidden Line image export using the same camera position as I use for the render. Then it’s a simple matter of combining the two images in an image editor. It makes it easy to control the appearance of the edges and it’s a simple matter to highlight part of the model if desired. A quickie example, below.


Hidden Line export:

Final result:

Thank you so much for your answers and taking the time. Now it seems a lot clearer. I will try those suggestions!