How to shorten a piano hinge


How do I shorten a piano hinge?
I know use a hacksaw, HaHa!
This hinge (downloaded from the Warehouse)SU hinge experiment.skp (1.0 MB) is about 36" long. I need to to shorten it to approx. 11.5 inches.


Here’s two ways

  1. If you don’t care about proportion, you can just scale down the hinge.
  2. Draw a line at 11.5" and cut away the excess: through means of intersecting or deleting edges/faces that you don’t need until it’s down to the size you want.

and if you just want it done, here it is, cut at 11.5". However, since its cut, the last part of the hinge with the screw hole is cut, so the bracket is shorter than the rest.
SU hinge experiment_T.skp (359.4 KB)


Thank you, quantj.
Indeed #1 is not suitable because it distorts the proportions too much.
Did you arrive at your hinge sample using you #2 suggestion?
I suppose one could add one more half section and then use the scale tool to bring the model to the desired length.
That minor distortion would not be objectionable, to me anyway.
Thanks again for your help


Hi sawstopdust,
Yes, I used my method #2. So it’s cut exactly at 11.5", but it cut off the last hinge section (as shown in the screenshot) so keep that in mind.


Well it took a while but here is the result of my effort. Somewhere along the way I lost the original hinge pin, so I made a new one. I also made the hinge wings and pin separate components, so I could rotate one wing.
Thanks again.
SU hinge om cabinet wing.skp (830.1 KB)


Looks good.
some picky issues: You have a face that’s reversed on the Right hinge, and your hinges aren’t evenly spaced, one hinge side needs to be moved because they’re overlapping a little.


Sharp eyes. Picky indeed. But I fixed it, As I should. After all I always told my kids(a very long time ago)," If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing it well"


Sorry I forgot to include this: SU hinge om cabinet wing.skp (833.7 KB)