How to set the holes evenly

Hi all,

I have a cup and one small hole on the side of the cup. I can make holes one by one, but I have seen (tutorial video maybe?) how to copy and repeat holes evenly around object, but can’t find it. Liimakiekko.skp (292,7 Kt)
Any help would be nice.
Thanks in advance.

Say you wanted 12 copies 30 degrees apart. Select all the edges of one hole. Use X-ray mode to help with this. Now rotate with copy by 30 degrees around the centre of the cup. Then type “*11” without the quotes. Don’t click in the measurements box, just type it. This should make 11 copies plus your original to give a total of 12.

I’m on my phone just now so can’t demonstrate this.

To me it looks like a poor model, sorry to say.
The outer circle of the cone base consists of two arcs, 300 segments together, total segment (edges) length ~ 2199,4mm
The lowest (base) circle has 151 segments, total circumference length ~ 2199,4mm
The outer cone surface itself consists of 150 facets.
As you can see, geometry doesn’t match nicely.
You need to fix this first, taking into account the number of holes you want.

McGordon: Thanks, I’ll try that.

Wo3Dan: Yes, started as real size and then scaled x10. The question was how to set holes evenly.

What @Wo3Dan is telling you is you need to fix the geometry or you will never manage to array the holes correctly.

Yes, thank you, I understood that model must be fixed before setting the holes. And I will.

Hi again,

and thank You, all of you.
Liimakiekko is now ready and I’m starting to print it.
Holes are 10 degree apart each other, so there is 36 holes.


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