How to set plugin for sketchup pro 2017?

my PC does not support plugin…
Can everyone tell me how to fix it?

Not sure what you mean. First, have you installed SketchUp the right way? Meaning: Rightclick-ed on the downloaded installation file and choose ‘Run as Administrator’:

if not certain, do it now and choose the option ‘repair’

Then, what Extension (plugin) are you talking about?


yeah i did

i don’t know how to explain it because i don’t know much about english

first i had install like u tell me and than i’m set vray, and next i’m copy plugin to drive C:User/User/AppData/Roaming/SketchUp/Sketchup2017/sketchup/plugin and pass it here!

That won’t work. Extensions can be installed with Window->Extension Manager and at the bottom red block with install. It should be a .rbz file.
Where did you buy Vray? They should tell you how to install their plugin…

I do not know because i’m copy this sketch up from my friend and he also can set full of plugin but not even me!

Is NOT the right path.
This is…
It is hidden by default.

To open your Plugins folder copy and paste this line of code in SketchUp menu item Window > Ruby Console, and press the ‘enter’ key.


You are always advised to install from within SketchUp, using the RBZ.
That is because manually adding/moving files leads to missing files etc and a failed installation !

Oh so sad ! my PC doesn’t have like what u said


AppData is a hidden folder, but if you type in the path into the “ThisPC/C/Users/Yourname/” text entry, you can get to it.

You copied SketchUp Pro from your friend? How did you get the license?

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but my friend can be set full (they are copied from me)

ok thank to all of u for ur recomment ! but maybe i’m unluck girl…:frowning:

here my problem!

Toggle_units is an old plugin, maybe interfering with the V-Ray, try removing it in the

path and check if that is the culprit

And one more thing ! i don not know why my pc can not install sketch up 2017

Because you are not installing it the right way, copying and pasting isn’t gonna work.

download the right version, go to the (download)folder, right click on the installer file and select ‘Run as Administrator’

but i can install that soft with the other pc

Hmm so sad… But i’ll try to do like u tell me