How to Set a crop size for a component?

Good morning. I have this component. A stainless steel tube. However, I would like it to increase every 5 millimeters. It’s possible?

Today here at the factory, our machine cuts 5 millimeter tubes. Ex. 100mm / 105mm / 150mm.
LT-400.skp (33.4 KB)

with current value (*2.54 for metric) use ceiling with 0.5 significance to get next, or floor to lowest

can use nearest(value, ceiling, floor) to get closest

this works on lenx not being overwritten, so only use scale as input, however can use option box with formulas if required to input via custom
fix 5mm lengths.skp (19.4 KB)


Thanks my friend.

Friend, using the block you edited, I had this problem. It works as I requested, every 5mm… However, that component marked (CP5) is not at the end of the tube.

This component is a guide line, to help us when designing our assembly. The first (CP5) is at X=0. The Second one (CP5) that I marked, is not tied to the end of the tube. Can you help me?

Making the line and geometry groups with lenx = parent!lenx works, however I would have thought the raw geometry would have updated, maybe a scaling issue? or bug?

Anyway the new structure will give the ability to add tags and hide on certain scenes or via the options