How to scale an arc?

How can I scale this arc so that the point snaps to the line?
[Mitsubishi F-1.skp|attachment]
(upload://5M4DvGp9RXi0xUO0QxFNjoNK7Cs.skp) (1009.2 KB)

Probably easier. faster and more accurate to redraw it so the end points meet the points in the model. If you are going to use the Scale tool, you’ll have to figure out where the scale handle needs to end up when the end of the arc is where you want it and that’s not easy or straightforward.

Thanks for the quick answer, Dave; so the scale tool is always a rigid box, I guess?
My hope was that I could get the arc to extend beyond the point, but maybe the tool doesn’t allow for that.

With 2D geometry as you have in your selection, the Scale tool is always going work with a rectangular box.

There’s no way that the arc would extend outside the scale box.

Generally it makes more sense to model what you want than to screw around trying make what you don’t want fit the space.

Thanks! Now I know I shouldn’t try to get a tool to do what it wasn’t meant for. :grinning:

Yes. My father taught me that when I was four or five years old. :wink: