How to rotate this object

Not sure I understand the question. I opened the file and I am able to orbit normally all around the object without suspending gravity. This is model is behaving as expected, did you expect something different? There is never anything stopping you from orbiting under or around your model, you can look at it upsidedown if you want without suspending gravity. Can you not orbit all the way around your object? Again, are you using a three button mouse?

As all of you said, when you open this last file I attached you SHOULD NOT be able to orbit to the top/bottom of the model becuse of the GRAVITY thing you all said many times here. I SHOULD ONLY be possible to view top and bottom of the model using CTRL because gravity should not allow me to see the top and bottom without holding CTRL.

As you can see in the model I attached, EVEN WITHOUT USING CTRL, you can orbit top,bottom, left, right… exactly as if you had CTRL pushed at the same time.

I am saying that in this file I attachd, for some reason (or some coniguration I may have changed without knowing) I can orbit ALL AROUND even without using CTRL! Using CTRL does not bring any benefit!

Clearly then you do not understand the effect of suspending gravity with CTRL. Can you show how you can get the horizon off horizontal without using CTRL.?

You misunderstand. Forget control button forget gravity, all of us can orbit all around our models without using any special buttons, just regular orbit. We can go top and bottom and all around with unmodified orbit tool. That’s how sketchup works.

Thanks man but that looks odd cause sometimes I try hard really hard and I cant see the top of my model and other times (like in the file attached I can).

Is the white box supposed to be on the top of your model? If so, you’ve drawn it upside down. The solid blue axis points up.

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