How to rotate a curve so that it snaps with another point at any point in the curve?

It is pretty easy to rotate a straight line so that it crosses a particular point. For example I can rotate this blue line clicking first on the rotating point and then _on any point of the line:

I can rotate the line so that it snaps to the endpoint above, no matter I didn’t click on the very point that has to snap:

Now, when I take this curve:

it doesn’t snap to it, as you can see (nor to any vertice I have tried)…

Is there anything I can do for the curve to behave as the straight line does? Or how could I do it manually so that the curve cross the exact same spot the straight line crosses after rotating it?

If you want the end of the arc to snap to another edge or to a point, you need to click on that point with the Rotate tool instead of clicking on a random spot along the curve.

Thanks DaveR. The point of the curve, as well as the straight line, doesn’t match the point in the edge I’m aiming to. That is not a problem for straight lines, as the line snaps wherever it touches that point along the lenght of the line, no matter where I click to move it.

One intuitively does the same thing with the curve which is also longer that it should, just a little bit. But there must be a way to make them snap the same way the straight line does, rotating it clicking along the line and just stopping/snapping wherever the line crosses the intersection or the endpoint in the edge. But now I’m starting to think I’m wrong and for some unknown reason it is not possible.

Yet I was a little bit obtuse when I made the question. I think seeing your answer I just realized I could make a straight line with the targeted lenght A1 to B1 (see that it snaps to B1 no matter I don’t point to B1 with the endpoint of the line - l removed that surplus pass B1 manually):

Then taking A1 as the pivotal point rotate the line until it touches of the curve, point which would become B2. Get rid of the remaining curve (B2 to C2) and rotate upwards the curve A1-B2:

Yet I’d like to be able to simply rotate the curve no matter the length as straight forward as with the straight line. Does someone know if it is possible or confirm it is not?. Meanwhile this would do.

Thanks for your reply!

Now I can’t snap a straight line to a curve either… sigh…

It works for me. Maybe you should draw the line to the curve in the first place. Then you wouldn’t have to rotate it in to position.

Not sure I understand you. The whole point of drawing the straight line is to get the exact measure from A1 to B1 (I have added letters to the last pics), so I need to create the straight line first where it is and then move it (rotate it in this case) so that it snaps with the curve. I can’t find out how I make it work before…