Cannot align each end of edges to curves with rotating tool

Hi, my name is Dante, here Im having a big problem, I need some help with this, I cant align each end of this edge to the curved sides, I dont know why, it just wont let me even if Im getting a closer view, here is a link to a small gif picture so you can see what kind of problem is this:

Or maybe if I can get some suggestions to make this in a different way it would be very helpful, thanks in advance

Please upload the SKP here by clicking on the Upload button which is 7th from the left.

Hmm why upload the SKP ?

It is a known and much complained about issue that the rotate tool wont snap to On Edge points, only to endpoints and midpoints.


I was trying to use guide lines to make a railing like the one on the lobby of the World Trade Center, I made each metal stick as a component, they are placed by pairs along an irregular curved area

Here is a model of what the balcony looks like still without the railing
RailingWTC.skp (1.6 MB)

Here is a real picture of the railing

Any ideas of what I can do to place the metal sticks with the same distance between them along this cruved area?

There are various plugins to do what you want.
Component stringer By C Fullmer
Comp Stringer S D Mitch
Path copy

This is path copy.