How to replace all same materials without having to explode groups?

How to replace all same materials without having to explode groups to have full application in the entire model. Becouse I received I file from a client with 1000 groups, he forgot to make it as a component…now I have to keep crashing them to replace all the materials for the one I want.

How about converting one of them to a component and then use Thom Thom’s Component Replacer to replace the selected groups with the component?

where do I download it?

Extension Warehouse our Sketchucation. Use the Extension Warehouse interface in SketchUp to download and install it.

thank you Dave. Iam not a programmer but do you know why is so hard for trimble to create this easy option? like in vray…

I don’t know why this particular feature hasn’t been incorporated however I imagine it’s not a thing that a whole lot of users need. I’ve been using SketchUp since 2003 and never have needed this. The general idea with SketchUp is to maintain a very powerful set of fundamental tools (which they do) and allow users and third parties to develop more specialized tools. It keeps SketchUp relatively slim and allows users to customize it for their needs.

I love sketchup the only concern that is too “crashy” when you import heavy models. I wish one day it will be strong like blender that support lots and lots of heavy objects. Dave, do you know why is written 32bit here when it should be 64?

I get that sometimes with poorly constructed models. If I am compelled to work with models created by others, I always open them up on their own and go over them to clean up the awful stuff before adding it into my project. My preference is usually to start over and model it all myself so I don’t have to deal with the junk.

As for why SketchUp shows as 32-bit, I don’t know. What is it you are using to display that?

revo uninstaller

Something is amiss in that report. SketchUp went 64-bit several years ago. There have been no 32-bit releases since.