How to remove lines in windows but not above or below the window

There is an error in the attached SKP file. After creating the window openings, I wanted to add 54 boards to the wall. The issue I’m having is that the lines used to create the boards also go over the window openings.

The other day when I had that issue, I was able to erase the lines in the windows without the other lines being effected. (See the attached file called Erasing lines in windows SUCCESSFULLY.)

Unfortunately, I cannot remember what I did differently the other day. Today the results I got are what you see in the GIF called Removed bars from windows BUT REMOVED BOARDS.

Any advise would be appreciated. Thank you very much.

Peter Enns
Removed bars from windows BUT REMOVED BOARDS
Erasing lines in windows SUCCESSFULLY
Adding 54 boards to wall
Double walls with 10 window openings.skp (203.5 KB)

Your lines are in the wrong context. They need to be in the group that the wall is in.

You can select the lines and then cut them from the model. Then click on the group with wall in it. Once you have it open for editing, select Edit in the top menu and then Paste in Place.

Also, in your previous model, the board lines were 9" apart. In this model they are ~8 13/16. This indicates that you may have Length Snapping enabled. That should be turned off in Window → Model Info → Units.

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Thank you very much. It worked! (See attached file.)



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