How to remove lines based on a STL file?



Hi all

I am a noob who recently became interest in 3D printing
I downloaded a STL file which i would like to modify and manage to change the object a little bit

However when i wanted to erase a line from the original STL model, the initial STL model disappears, leaving the lines i drew in Sketchup

Is there a way to “auto” draw all the lines on the original STL model?
Also how to i confirm the lines i drew will be “filled” and 3D printed?

much appreciated!


Make sure you open the group or component that contains the entities you are trying to erase. Otherwise you will erase the whole group.

Ir you want to clean up all the triangles there are options when you import to do that. (By the way, what version of SketchUp are you using?)

To clean up stuff you have already imported you can use my CleanUp extension:³


See the tips in this post…