STL to DXF File Import

I used MeshLab and converted an .STL file into a .DXF file and Imported it into Sketchup 2016.

It imports fine, however, I was wondering how I could remove all the surface lines it is covered with? Is there an easy way without having to manually select each line and delete it?


There is ThomThom’s CleanUp plugin. It does that in a blink !

Thanks…that cleaned it up some but not all of it. I tried different checkboxes in the Clean Up dialog window but still can’t completely remove all the extra lines. I added a cylinder to this drawing to show how I’d like to get the part to look from a clean up stand point.

Select all, right click, select soften smooth and adjust sliders to suit.

That worked perfectly…thank you so much for the help…!!!

Also check your import options: