Repairing damaged .stl files after importing

Dear all,

The following images shows a 3d file that has missing surfaces, as well as an inordinate amount of geometry lines. Is there a way to clean this up?


Generally import with units set to Meters in the Import options. And then run CleanUp3 on it.

.stl files, by their very definition are triangulated which accounts for all the excess edges. CleanUp3 can be set to erase coplanar edges.

I have Clean up installed now. Is there a way to “put back” the surface that was removed from in between the triangles show in the 2nd image? If I run clean up, it deletes the lines with no surfaces.

There is a simple answer to this and a simple fix, but it involves some user education.

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Easiest way would be to start with a new file and import again with units set to Meters.

I’m interested.

I received the file as is, I cannot export it from original source.

And yet most of us can see a model that can be produced in seconds but

That’s unfortunate. Can you request the .stl file? If not, from what I can see in your model, I would personally use it as a guide and redraw the part from scratch next to it. It doesn’t look like a very complex part. Box will have some other suggestions.

Thanks for the information guys.