[How to] Quote Posts in Forum Replies

Proper Quoting in Discourse Forum Posts

The Discourse forum engine has a nifty highlight quote mechanism that makes it easy to quote other statements from multiple people (even your prior posts) from any number of previous postings.

Starting a quoted reply from scratch

To start a quoted reply from scratch, simply highlight (select) the text in any post that you wish to quote, and you’ll see a [ "Quote ] balloon button appear. Click this button and the new reply will be created with the quoted text inserted and properly linked back to the author and post.

Here is an example of selected text and the [ " Quote ] balloon button with my orange cursor pointing at it.

Adding quotes to existing replies

To add a quote into an already existing reply that you’ve begun, simply place the cursor where you wish to have the quote appear in your reply, and then scroll the topic thread display back up to where the desired text is, select it, and click the [ "Quote ] balloon button. The quote is inserted with proper linking.
You can repeat as many times as you wish, inserting any number of quotes from any number of previous postings. They can be from different posts and respondents. You could even quote yourself from a prior post.



and adhere to the golden rule of quoting: don’t full quote to the extent possible but shorten to relevant citations, readers will thank you.


But if you want to reply specifically to the last comment in a thread I think this is the only way, as the reply button for individual comments doesn’t function for the last one.

what doesn’t work?


The reply button on the last comment seems to behave like the reply button for the thread as a whole.



When investigating it closer, this is actually shown as a reply to your comment while I’m writing it, and I got a notification you had replied to my comment, so it’s probably the viewing of the th thread that is broken and doesn’t visually show it as a reply.

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Yes, I’ve always found that too.

Why are y’all talking about the Reply button use, when this thread is about Quote button use ?

Because quoting is the only current alternative to make it clear you are specifically replying to the last comment, and not to the thread in general.