System is now automatically editing historic posts!


Check your avatar menu for items with an edit pencil icon, folks.

Once again, a major change with no warning whatsoever!

ADD: To be specific, the system is stripping out any quotes where an entire post was quoted. This is just not a really big problem. It only occurs once in a while and can be dealt with at post time.



I just got one of these and honestly the edit changed a sentence to unintelligible nonsense! It looks like maybe they replaced something (a quote perhaps but I can’t tell now that it’s gone) with a link to some topic. The link text makes no sense and causes me to seem illiterate!



I’ve had a lot of these but in most cases I hadn’t quoted an entire post. Or if I did, it was a single sentence.



@sam Can this feature be switched off ?

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Hi there,
You’re correct – entire post quotes were being stripped if there was a direct response as it was extraneous.

It will continue to happen for any new posts but we are about to merge a pull request that will stop historical posts from being edited.

If you can show me an example of one that’s gone wrong we’re very happy to look into it (and apologise for that inconvenience).

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Could you at least stop notifying the person who made the post that you’ve edited them?



Note the feature is controlled by the site setting remove full quote which admins here can control.

We only intended it to happen for brand new posts but due to a bug it was happening on edits and rebakes as well. The bug is now fixed and I will deploy the site later today so it stops mucking with history.

UPDATE old edits will stop in 5 minutes. Apologies for the bug.



Personally I don’t see why you are removing total quotes anyway. Sometimes you need to quote the whole comment just to be clear what post you are answering.



Is it possible to activate it only until a specific trust level? It feels like new users use the quote option too much, but experienced users use it only if necessary and helpful.



It is only removed if it is an exact direct copy of the post directly above AND first thing in the post.

So, for example:

Post 1:

Hello Person I have a question

Post 2: prior to removal

Hello Person I have a question

I have an answer.

Post 2: after removal

I have an answer.



There could be five questions in in the same thread and you are answering the very last one. If you don’t quote the question it could be difficult to decide which of the five questions is being answered. Who’s to know that you wanted to answer the last but couldn’t quote it, so it could still be any of the five.

Edit: I see now you say And first thing in the post. Perhaps it was part of the bug but at least one of mine was removed when it wasn’t first in the thread.



Can you link to that specific post?



Here’s one, there are others.



I see the edit here:

Which did this, which seams reasonable (as long as it does not happen to old historical posts)



I don’t see why you need to remove them. Reading threads isn’t always as straight forward as you might think. Often you are scanning quickly through and it can be quite important or helpful to see short questions quoted in the post with the answer, otherwise you have to scroll back to check what the question was.

Randomly quoting whole posts is a beginner mistake and not useful, but selective quoting by people who know what they are doing can be very useful.



(I hacked the quote above for effect)

The thing is… where do we draw the line, it can get very very repetitive having exact duplication and this teaches users on the spot to “think twice”.



I think your ‘Hack’ just goes to prove my point, it’s actually easier to refer to my question while reading your answer.

I think you are solving a problem that doesn’t exist. Or certainly isn’t disruptive enough to need fixing.



Here’s an entire quote of a post not directly above my post and not at the beginning of my post, hoping it stays there.

Personally I don’t see any reason to remove or alter (or whatever) anything that has been written here by someone else. For whatever reason. It’s a task for the administrator doing so by following the rules of the forum, say when something is offensive. Don’t change the rules.
Are we now dealing with school teachers here? We are (almost) all grownups, responsible for what we write. I think it’s just plain rude to use your “red pencils” to interfere with our text. Just provide the program and leave our texts alone.

Thank you



This is completely controllable by @admins at sketchup, I get both sides of the argument. I am personally somewhat on the fence, but I don’t think I will disable this on the forums I run cause its so rare anyway.



I agree 100% with Box on this. Typically you scan a thread rather than reading all posts, and very often there are multiple discussions going on side by side in the same thread. Leaving the quote inside the reply, as the replier intended for it to be, makes it much, much easier to follow what is being said.

Also the lack of transparency is just annoying. You do something and get a seemingly arbitrary result. If you really think about it, and make some research or experiments of your own, you can figure out exactly what happens when, but as a user you shouldn’t have to! Software should follow the principle of least astonishment, and users should be able to focus on the task they want to get done, not the software itself.