Quick edits missing from edit history

I just got confused by seeing a comment I had liked a few minutes earlier not saying what it said when I liked it. After going through the topic is appears edits made quickly after first posting aren’t recorded to the edit history.

Is this a new feature? I have not seen it before.

Can it be turned off? I think it’s quite confusing when something changes after you first read it. As I see it this is what edit history is for so i don’t see why some edits are concealed.

Edit: Testing

Edit: Testing 2

Edit: Testing 3

Edit: Testing 4

Edit: Testing 5

I have experienced the same thing as well and i think there is a 1 min duration for edits without revealing it. I often fix some typos or links right after i post something, so it’s an understandable feature.


You are allowed to do corrections to your post within 5 minutes without them being brandmarked with a red “Edited” label.
That red label is only so that other users can comprehend later edits that may have changed the post’s meaning in the context of the discussion.


But edits within the first 5 minuets can also change the meaning of a comment, and make the thread incomprehensible.

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I think it is a trade-off between transparency and attention:

  • It is more likely a user wants to do legitimate minor corrections immediately.
    If discourse highlighted any irrelevant edit in red,
    • Other users would be distracted to look up what apparently significant the change was done
    • The poster (myself included) would feel embarassed to be pulled into spotlight and will avoid them in future.
  • Motivation for manipulating changes is more likely to come up later if the poster does not like the course of the discussion.
    • By highlighting, discourse discourages changes of meanings because users and moderators will be able to reproduce them.

I know, Scandinavian peoples have traditionally more integral relation to transparency (Offentlighetsprincipen).

Maybe there should be a difference whether the “Edited” icon is red (change possibly significant to other readers) or black (early or minor change).

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a red edit icon. In my experience it’s usually brown and don’t attract too much attention. The only red I’ve seen is when you go into history and something has been removed (and for some reason the title within the history view is red).

I just don’t see any reason to hide some edit history and show other. If the system didn’t allow viewing edit history at all I would understand if edits within 1 min where allowed and the post was later frozen, but when there is a system to view the history I think it’s misleading to exclude certain edits. It can lead to users thinking they’ve misread something when i reality the text was edited. This is what I first thought until I saw a undocumented edit that was clearly marked with “Edit:”.


Yes, and the same is true of deleted posts whose contents disappear completely after 24 hrs.

I notice those who impetuously post first, are also prone to delete posts, which often leaves the thread garbled by replies to the deleted post.