How to push holes into edge of disk at angles other than to centre


Have a 10 cm deep disk and am trying push 6mm holes into the disk from its circumference at angles other than 90 degrees (going directly to the disk centre). Have tried cutting facets the size of the hole in the circumference and pushing a hole inwards from the facet but no luck - help pls


make some 6mm “rods” and rotate them to the correct angle (like drill bits), then either subtract the rods from the disc or use “intersect faces” to create the holes.


We need a bit more info about what you need.
Meanwhile this is an array using copy paste and hidden geometry and the inference engine.
In real time on a slow computer.

I just noticed you said 10cm disk and 6mm holes. This is 6cm holes in a 100cm x 10cm disk.
Are you wanting to angle non parallel to the face of the disk.
As I said, more info needed.