How to purge components in Sketchup Free

It’s easy enough to find how to purge components in the pro. But what about free? I’ve searched the forums and cannot find a decent answer.

Make sure you’re looking at the In Model components (click on the house icon in the Components panel. Then click the Recycle icon.

Thanks. I figured it out about 30 seconds after I posted that.

Am I the only person that prefers text labels to cryptic icons? After all, we developed alphabets to replace hieroglyphics.


I like text labels, too, but this is used internationally and like a lot of things, symbols are the way things get communicated.

I have an affection for the interface of Revit. It looks like filling in your tax return, but it does its job. Too many icons just make it slower as you have to wait for a tooltip to show what they actually do.

Guess what, the letters we use are symbols too. They’re just images linked togther.