How to print these tiles to scale

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Ребята подскажите пожалуйста как мне сделать вот у меня есть плитки мне их надо распечатать в их настоящем размере чтоб сделать формы

So, you need to print the tiles to scale to make molds (basically)

however your profile is not clear.

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sketchup for school is the web based version for kids. as far as I know, printing to scale is (was?) a matter of printing, and picking the scale.

there is no sketchup 2024 yet. the only people with access to it are likely beta testers, and they would know how to print to scale.

your OS is android… are you using sketchup on a tablet ?

You may see these questions as annoying, but really, the solution depends on them :

  • if you’re using the web version on a computer
  • if you’re using the web version on an android tablet
  • if you’re using the desktop version, that includes Layout

The 3 situations will call for a different answer.

edit : also, I changed the name of your thread, it was (roughly) “Please help me to do that”.
a bit vague :wink:

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