Sketchup for Schools to Sketchup Pro Version Warning

I am using Sketchup for Schools.
I need to be able to print models to full scale on legal sized paper.
I have Desktops that can only install Sketchup Pro 2017 due to Hardware requirements.
I make my model in Sketchup For Schools. I need to print to scale so I download the model from Google Drive onto my computer. When I try to open the file with Sketchup Pro 2017 or Layout to get a print set up, It gives me a Version warning.

What would be the way to complete this workflow for middle school studnets?
Design on Chromebook and Print a full scale print of the model on legal paper.


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Export the model as a jpg image, then print it however you want to.

I have tried this but if I drawing something 1 inch square on sketchup it does not print as a 1 inch square on the .jpeg.

Well, you can always scale the output. I know it’s adding steps, but it’s a viable workaround that I use. Do you have access to Adobe or Corel photo imaging products? There, you can accurately scale the images to print.

Thats not how printers work generally as most printers are constrained to industry normalised paper sizes (A4, A3 etc).

Are you using a large format printer or perhaps printing on multiple sheets and sticking them together? You can accurately scale in Acrobat and many other image and document compilers. What are you designing to be making 1:1 output?

Ed: Usually you select your output first (A3 for example) and then you make your image to scale within that output. I don’t think SketchUp can handle tiling natively as @BrionBell has also said, I have never seen it at least but many 3rd parties can.

For example, you can output a jpg, then load that jpg into something like MS WOrd. Then use the rulers in Word to resize the image in the document to print to scale. (I just saw lliamk887 pop up…)
It sounds like you’re using a standard printer to print on legal-size paper, right?
If you are trying to ‘tile’ a model together using standard-page-size output, then you will likely need another app that does this. If your models really scale and fit inside of a legal sheet, then you should be OK.

Forgot to ask, does the version warning stop you from loading the model?

What exactly does the version warning say?

@Steve_Ketchup This is the topic I was asking about.

I confirmed in my edu web app that when I saved the file from SketchUp For Schools into Drive and then downloaded it from there, it will only open in 2018. But when I instead download it from inside SketchUp For Schools, it downloads it as 2017.

It says you have Version This was created in Sketchup 2018. Please get the latest version of sketchup to open that file.

So if you download the file from SketchUp for Web to your computer, you should get the version 2017 file. Or you can save it to the 3D Warehouse and then open it from SU2017. After you’ve set up the scene correctly, send it to LayOut so you can easily make a correctly scaled view for a PDF.

Is there a way to bring the scene through the 3D Warehouse?

It’s hard to keep up between here and the private message. Send your file to the 3D Warehouse from SketchUp for Web or whatever you are using. Then open SU2017 and download the file. Save it locally and then send it to LayOut.

If you are going to try this, include a square of known size (e.g. 1 cm x 1 cm or 1" x 1") somewhere in the image. It might help you get the sizing right either in Word, or otherwise as a check after you print.

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