How to print/PDF to wide format?

I already set the paper size in Document setup, but it can only print A3 and A4. I need 110cm / 75cm, its like A1. Please help me(((

You need to set up an A1 template by putting in paper size.

If you want to print to PDF using the Microsoft built in “Print to PDF”, you are right, there a limited set of paper output sizes. You need to install a custom PDF printer. I’m using PDF24 .

BTW. A1 is 841x594mm size, your desired size is closer to A0: 1189x841mm

As @dezmo indicates, A0 is closer to the size you say you want both A0 and A1 are available paper sizes in LayOut. They are right at the top of the list. Once you select that paper size and set up your document, export as PDF and you’ll get that document size.
Screenshot - 3_28_2022 , 6_27_38 AM

Or, if you want, make the paper 110cm by 75cm. LayOut will accept custom paper sizes.


I skipped creating a free account with the Windows version - do you know if this limits the features? - I couldn’t find this out anywhere.

of what? You mean account for PDF24? I’ve never had one, and do not know any limits… its free.
BTW. I don’t think there is a non Windows version.

Thank you very much! I download PDF24 and now have other formats and customized size.

These are all the print/pdf formats that I had before using PDF24