A1 PDF from LayOut

How do you print a A1 or A0 PDF from Layout? I presume there needs to be a print driver installed as the default only goes up to A3.


Have you tried using Export to PDF?

As Simon says or…

Windows has Microsoft Print to PDF print driver or you could install PrimoPDF (free) or any other free PDF print driver

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First, do you have the paper size set to A1 or A0 in Document Setup? Even if your printer can handle those paper sizes, printing will be done to the paper size you have set for the pages in the LayOut document. If your printer can handle those larger paper sizes it’s drivers should already be able to deal with that and you’d get that option.

Hi DaveR
No A1 and A0 dose not show up in Pages set up.
I don’t have a printer just want to be able to create 1:1 scaled A1 A0 PDFs

I didn’t say Page Setup, I said Document Setup.

Screenshot - 7_9_2020 , 10_30_54 AM

Set up the paper size for A1 or A0 in Document Setup. Then export the PDF and it will be at that size.

Page Setup will only allow for paper sizes that the mapped printer can handle. If you don’t have a printer mapped, you’re going to have problems.

Hi Simon
The Export to PDF is not to a scale which is a problem.

Yes i can set the page to A1 but it will not print A1 as Microsoft Print to PDF only goes to A3

Only if you are doing something wrong. Here are two pdfs of the same drawing, one direct printed to pdf from the print dialog (a Mac feature) and the other exported as a pdf. No difference. I would say that it took much longer to do the export so I would only use it if I wanted a non standard page. The export version is also a massively bigger file.

Rendham Barnes Farm - Export.pdf (7.6 MB) Rendham Barnes Farm - Proposed.pdf (693.3 KB)

You don’t seem to be getting it. I wrote:

Don’t use Print in LayOut. Use Export.

Hi Simon
those seam to be A3 drawings? very nice drawings trying to work my self up to those skills.
The PrimoPDF seams to work.


Set the scale of the viewports on the page correctly and they will be correct in the PDF export.

Yes they are A3 but I was demonstrating the principle.

Also note that when you print a PDF file to paper, you must check that your PDF viewer does not use any page scaling (type “fit to page”). Otherwise the print will not be to scale. The “Scale to fit” option is on by default in the Adobe viewer, for instance.

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