How to place a Component on any surface

Can I place a component on a surface without selecting the component from the Tray menu?

I found this video:

What I want is like this:

  1. Set the component’s axis to desired place (I usually set it at x=center, y=center, z=bottom with TT-axis tool)
  2. Select the component
  3. Now I want to place the component from its axis, and the component would be placed align to any surface.

3ds max has a tool named “Select and Place”, here’s it’s function:

I hope I have explained it clear since English is not my native language.

Fredo6 Tools > Move Along

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Thanks, @mihai.s for the quick reply and these GIFs :pray:
And God bless Mr. Fredo, of course. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Okay. For those of you who were interested in something practical like 3ds max’s “Select and Place” tool, here you go:

Thank you @alexschreyer sir for adding this feature to your plugin :heart:

and Thanks to @SAhmedF for this video :pray:

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