Attach parts exactly on a surface

I have designet some furniture in 3D and exportet them. Now I want to import them and place them accurately on wall and floor of a designet living room. Using the moove tool, it is very difficult to meet the wall or floor exactly on the surface. Is there any tool or trick, to meet the surface easily? Thank you for help.

Learn to use the Move tool correctly. Grab the entities by a corner that will be placed on the floor or wall. If you place the component’s origin in a logical location, you can insert the component from the Components window and place it right on the desired surface.

Once you’ve learned how to use the Move tool, you can learn how to create components that glue to surfaces, too. Check out the Help articles on the Move tool and component creation.

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This is exactly what SketchUp is telling you when hovering the object over a face (or surface): ‘On Face’. What more can you expect.

Hold on, … what exactly is moved to ‘On Face’?
Well, it is the location where you grabbed the object, preferably a logical corner that you want to be positioned on the floor or on the wall. No tricks.

Corner, that was a key word. We can draw guide line and glue the corner of the shape to it. Thanks