Placing objects

Im having a hard time placing furniture in the models

Need to be more specific. Do you mean importing models or moving them about inside SU ?

I can import them just fine. But moving them and placing them I am really having a hard time. Sometimes they are not on the floor and are floating, I am unclear about which tools do what and what to use, how many clicks all that.

Don’t randomly click and drag them. You should click and release on a specific point, this will attach the object to the cursor so that you can move it around and place it accurately, click and release again to drop the object.
You can also move things without touching them, if they are selected the move tool will move them, so you can move along an edge or face or use the arrow keys to lock to axis.
And sometimes you may need to move things twice or even three times, you can see in this vid how I move the object to align with the top of the wall then move it down to the floor., once on the floor I can easily move it around on the floor.

As I was typing, I was beaten to the punch by Box who’s reply is in essence what I was about to recommend in the next paragraph.

Have a look at this short video by Tyson, a SketchUp (Trimble) modelling expert. After a short 3 minute demo it goes on to show a move objects exercise I found extremely helpful when I was having issues. Hope it helps!

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