How to model this kind of bowl

Hello all, how can I model this one? Please guide me.

You can use quads

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Is it possible using native tools only in 2017 Make?

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I would think the best bet would be to model 1/6th of it, make it a component and mirror/rotate pieces into place.

To create the geometry I would probably use a lofting tool like curviloft to connect some arcs, then add thickness with joint push/pull.

You could do it without extensions… but it would be a long process with a lot of stitching or sandbox tools.

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Hi Sir, could you upload video (gif) how to make it when you are free? I am not familiar with that tool. I looked for and see the tutorial of Quad tool on youtube but still don’t know how to make this model.



Thank you so much Sir

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You can use extensions in 2017 Make, FYI.